Text, Talk, Act Independent Evaluation


The National Institute for Civil Discourse commissioned an independent evaluation of Text, Talk, Act in the Spring of 2015. The evaluation data indicates the participating in Text, Talk, Act leads to an increase in participants’ ability to recognize a peer in need, ability to reach out to a peer in need, ability to talk about the topic of mental health, likeliness to seek additional information, and likeliness to implement information or skills from TTA. Furthermore, participants reported positive experiences based on the technology used by TTA, clarity of TTA purpose, and the relevancy/usefulness/quality of TTA content. These satisfaction indicators support the participants’ likelihood to recommend TTA to others. 

In addition, participants who reported having “slight” to “no” prior familiarity/knowledge with the topic of mental health, the availability of mental health resources/services, and the ability to recognize mental health issues in others at the beginning of TTA experienced the most improvement. Seventy percent (70%) of individuals who reported a slight-to-no prior familiarity on the topic of mental health reported being moderately to extremely familiar with the topic after the event. Fifty-two percent (52%) of participants experienced the same change in reference to the availability of mental health resources/services. Fifty-five percent (55%) expressed similar changes in recognizing mental health issues in others. 

Also, when participants were asked, "what are the best ways to engage youth on the topic of mental health," TTA was voted to be the third most effective or popular method (after face to face conversation and social media). 

Download the full evlauation study report below.