Text, Talk, Act Contest

Mental health matters! You can be part of the solution.           

On April 19th and May 5th, join with young people in your community and across the country to talk about how to help a friend in need. Click to learn more about Text, Talk, Act. 

Are you a 4-H program? Click here.              

Because a small act of kindness can make a big difference!

The Contest

Register to organize Text, Talk, Act events on April 19th and/or May 5th and you could win one of 5 $1,000 prizes for your high school, college or non-profit community organization*)! 

The Rules

  1. Participants can sign up on behalf of their high school, college or community organization.* 
  2. Winners are required to submit a photo & bio that we can share.
  3. This contest takes place on April 19th and May 5th.  Text Talk Act will be available from March - June 2016, but the contest will count participation only on the national TTA days on April 19th and May 5th.
*Schools, colleges and non-profit community organizations will need to submit W-9s in order to receive the cash award. 

Contestant Categories

  1. Small college / university (up to 4000 students)
  2. Medium college / university (4000 - 10,000 students)
  3. Large college / university (10,000 + students)
  4. School challenge (High school or middle school)
  5. Community challenge (Non-profit community group)

Register for the Contest

1. Get your organizer code by registering here 

2. Share your organizer code

Share your organizer code with everyone you reach out to and ask them to enter it when they are prompted to do so during Text Talk Act on April 19th and May 5th.

3. Get as many people as you can to Text Talk Act on April 19th and/or May 5th.

Gather your friends, classmates, family, and community members and have them text "START" to 89800 to begin.

REMEMBER: Be sure to share your unique organizer code with your participants to enter at the prompt! 

Want to increase your chances of winning and get freebies and materials for your event? Click here!