Youth Organizers for Text, Talk, Act

Creating Community Solutions is pleased to announce that we've teamed up with Active Minds, the Born This Way Foundation, and all of YOU to identify some fantastic young people around the country to help organize Text Talk Act events in their communities. Meet our youth organizers below! 

Text, Talk, Act is an event on April 24th where thousands of people across the country will be helping to end the silence on mental health... via their cell phones! You can get involved too! To learn more, visit the Text, Talk, Act webpage and sign up here!


Text, Talk, Act Youth Organizers:


Jon August loves to work with people!

State: Georgia     



Sharee Bookman is a graduating senior Psychology Major with a concentration in Mental Health at Spelman College. Her hometown is Camden, New Jersey.  Her dreams and aspirations include helping at-risk adolescents with mental illnesses seek guidance, self-worth, and success in order to provide them with a better tomorrow. 

State: Georgia | School: Spelman College


Alexa Branco is currently a junior in high school. She enjoys helping others and is involved in the Born This Way Foundation.

State: New Jersey | School: River Edge    



Kathryn Bryant is a family person who likes to draw, watch anime/horror movies and play sports.

District: Washington DC 


Clarice Cormier is a Junior in high school in Tucson, Arizona that loves good food and good conversation.

State: Arizona | School: Catalina Foothill High School     


Joseph Deluca is a current psychology graduate student, mental health stigma researcher, and mental health advocate on his college campus.

State: New York | School: John Jay College of Criminal Justice   


Jillian Edelstein possess a masters in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine and is a program associate at the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County. She is an active member of the community providing advocacy and awareness for mental health and related issues. In her free time, Jillian enjoys fitness activities, the ocean and travelling. Jillian looks forward to initiating Text, Talk, Act among the Palm Beach Community. State: Florida


Shadille Estepan is a highly motivated young woman who believes in the creative, fun, and resourceful way of solving any matter. 

State: Florida| School: University of Florida   


Manuel Hernandez is an undergraduate who is eagerly ready to start his graduate studies in mental health counseling and he stride towards changing how the public perceives those with mental illness.

State: Florida   


Michaela Johnson

State: Colorado | School: New Vista High School    



Carl Kinsey lives drug and alcohol free.

State: Georgia     



Brandi Leigh McCray: State: Rhode Island | School: The Metropolitan Regional Technical & Career Center & Community College of Rhode Island




Ana Mastropiero is a student at Ithaca College studying Integrated Marketing Communications with a passion for mental health advocacy that she dedicates to her work with Active Minds at Ithaca College. 

State: New York | School: Ithaca College   


Hayley Mierzwa is a Born This Way Foundation Youth Advisory Board member with a passion for positive social change and youth empowerment. 

State: Connecticut  | School: The Hartt School at the University of Hartford


Samantha Montoya is 16 years young, turning 17 at the end of April and is eager to be a part of the Text, Talk, Act to Improve Mental Health, something she cares about deeply.

State: New Mexico | School: Next Gen Academy    


​Atiya Muhammad  a sophomore in High school that loves to help strengthen my community and get involved!!

State: New Mexico | School: Next Gen Academy


Rachel Myers is 16 years old and currently goes to Columbus downtown for cosmetology.  She's been associated with Linden-McKinley since 8th grade, is now in the 11th. She graduates the year of 2015. She is an athlete, loves playing sports and playes volleyball, basketball and softball. She also dances in the band. State: Ohio | School: Linden-McKinley  

Drake Pasnak is an encouraging Industrial organizational Psychology student wanting to help let students understand the effects of mental awareness.

State: California | School: St. Augustine's University   ​


Renee Pelletier is a queer activist in training with a passion for ending the stigma on mental health issues; currently very concerned about Scottish independence.

State: Massachusetts | School: Beverly High School   


Whitney Puetz is currently a student at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota pursuing majors in Anthropology and Public Health Sciences with a Biology minor.

State: Minnesota | School: Hamline University   


Kendall Reitz is a mental health activist who is pursuing a degree in neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University with the goal of performing scientific research to help improve the quality of life of people with mental illnesses. State: Maryland | School: Bryn Mawr School   


​Shelby Reposa is from Big Picture South Burlington, a school that allows her to give back to the community through learning experiences and through my passion of helping others.

State: Vermont | School: Big Picture South Burlington


Krystal Roach is a Senior Honors College Student, majoring in psychology at Coppin State University 

State: Maryland | School: Coppin State University     



Rachelle Webb is a recent graduate of Cal Poly Pomona where she works as a Health Educator and Outreach Coordinator for the club Active Minds. Later this year she will be attending Claremont Graduate School, pursuing a PhD in Social Psychology in order to study innovative ways to reduce the stigma around mental health. State: California 


Rashon Young: I'm 20 years old and am the creator/founder of the website I  live in an assisted living program, which is very cool because they teach me  the skills I  need  in order to live on my own. I’ve been a volunteer with FSO for about a year, and they’ve been like a second family for me- all the workers here are great. My life has been very eventful and prosperous, and I’m grateful for everything that happened and wouldn’t have it any other way. Even the bad parts, because if they didn’t happen then I wouldn’t be the man I am today. State: New Jersey 

Not Pictured:

Noelle Mallory: State: Maryland | School: Elizabeth Seton Catholic High School